Strategic planning retreat meeting

Event: Monthly retreat for department faculty and staff to discuss how to improve learning and teaching

Time: October 17, 2013

Place: MH 225, SJSU

Attendees: Tran, Smith, Khuri, Tseng, Caires, Chun, M. Moh, T. Moh, Taylor, Stamp, Pollett, Avila, Horstmann, Austin, Pearce

Meeting note taken and documented by: Chris Tseng, ABET coordinator


The department chair started by overviewing the agenda to be discussed in the meeting It was followed by discussion for each item among faculty members and recommendation solicited for possible improvement of teaching and learning. Details are as follows.

  • Jon Pearce started by going through a review of agenda items
  • Sample student exit survey questions from Chico State were presented for reference, showing how survey questions are tied to outcomes.
  • Discussion on how the survey should be conducted
  • Action item: Tseng will collect survey question candidates from Wiki to consolidate and decide what questions to present to the students.
  • Survey will tentatively be given through advising sessions.
  • Action item: Dept chair to conduct town hall meetings once a semester with students to collect feedback for learning improvement.
  • Discussion on if only those passed should be included in the assessment report.
  • Action item: Passing percentage should be included if only passed students’ data will be included in the assessment result.
  • Rocio Avila will be allocated for COSEC job and not able to offer CS advising
  • CS cannot handle advising without Rocio and will impact the learning process and subsequently affect negatively on the assessment process.
  • Action item: 13 unanimous votes from faculty present to support retaining Rocio as CS advisor. Pearce to bring this up to CoS dean for possible reversal of action.
  • Assessment committee to discuss if CS100W and Phil 134 should be re-assessed this semester and any recommendation should be given.
  • Assessment outcome of Phil 134 were shared with the meeting participants to gather inputs
  • CS100W can cover outcome G since it is now classified as a service course.
  • Action item: Assessment committee to consider adding outcome G to CS100W
  • Recalling an issue from a prior retreat: Change course committee to having assigning a full time faculty to each of the required courses and take over the course assessment duty for the assigned courses.
  • Action item: Executive committee to follow up on how to change the ownership of courses by faculty members.
  • Official syllabi to be maintained by Pearce and posted under dept website. Constant update and changes should be done on the dept Wiki site.