Course Assessment Reports (CAR)


The OAR is based on Course Assessment Reports (CAR). The CAR collects, summarizes, and analyzes all data for each routinely assessed enablement linking the course to an outcome discussed in the OAR.

The CAR is written by the coordinator for the associated course when an outcome enabled by the course is due to be assessed. At the end of the semester when the Outcome(s) of a Course is assessed, the relevant Course Coordinator submits a "Course Assessment Report" to the Assessment Coordinator

If the CAR finds that certain outcomes are not being enabled, it makes recommendations. The recommendations may include pedagogical changes, curricular changes, changes to performance indicators, or changes to rubrics. 

The CAR is based on the TAR (Task Assessment Report) that is compiled by instructors responsible for the course to be assessed. The TAR template for all courses assessed can be found here.

The course coordinator in charge of the course to be assessed will summarize the TAR result and present them in a CAR (Course Assessment Report). CAR template forms and some of the sample CAR in Spring 2013 are available online.

The assessment committee integrate the CAR and compile the OAR for each outcome.