The Outcomes Assessment Report (OAR)


At the end of every semester, assessment data for each assessed outcome is collected, summarized, and analyzed in the Outcomes Assessment Report (OAR).

The OAR is written by the Assessment Committee.

If the OAR finds that certain outcomes are not adequately enabled, it includes recommendations. The recommendations may suggest pedagogical changes, changes to the POA, or changes to the outcomes. In some cases pedagogical changes might be directed to a particular instructor.

The OAR is published on the assessment web site and the faculty is notified. Any recommendations made by the report are discussed and may be acted on during any of the following semester's monthly faculty retreats or simply through discussions with the course coordinator and instructors.

We have a 2-year cycle for analyzing the data collected for all the Program Outcomes:

Spring 2012: Program Outcomes a, j

Fall 2012: Program Outcome b, c, d

Spring 2013: Program Outcomes e, f, g

Fall 2013: Program Outcomes h, i, k

The cycle then repeats.

When a Program Outcome is analyzed, the relevant Course Coordinator takes the data collected over the past two years and produces a report for each Program Outcome his/her course is responsible for. The report includes (1) a table summarizing the data collected, (2) analysis and problems observed, and (3) recommendations.

If any recommendations are made, future instructors are requested to implement these changes and re-assess the students to see if any improvements in student performance have been made as a result.