3. Outcome (a) assessment


Outcome (a): An ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics to solve problems

Assessment of Outcome (a) was assessed at the Advanced Level in CS 146 in all sections taught (Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Note: Section 1 was not offered.

Data Collected 


Conclusive analysis

The percentage of students achieving at least satisfactory performance on each indicator is:

Indicator 1: 85.6%

Indicator 2: 76.9%

Indicator 3: 60.6%

Indicator 4: 77.9%

Overall, the students did well.



The only indicator of concern is Indicator 3: Calculate running time of an algorithm given in pseudo-code. Only 60.6% of students were able to achieve at least satisfactory performance on this indicator. According to one instructor, finding the correct running time of a recursive algorithm is hard for students at this level. Many of them confuse it with the special case where the Master Theorem can be applied or fail to 'guess'/prove correctly the running time. One way to improve this outcome is to devote more explanation and practice questions to this topic in future.