3. Outcome (c) assessment


Outcome (c): An ability to design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs

Assessment of Outcome (c) was conducted in CS 151 and the results are as follows.

Data Collected 


Conclusive analysis

The specific desired need of the first task is the support of code reusability through polymorphism. In Spring 2013, 82% of students completed the first task at the satisfactory or exemplary level. In the second task, students were required to use the MVC pattern to solve the problem. This task was done by a team of three. 97% of teams met the requirements at the satisfactory or exemplary level. The instructor interviewed students individually regarding the use of MVC pattern. All the students who belonged to either the satisfactory or exemplary group articulated the roles of the MVC (model, view, and controller) correctly or with a negligible mistake. 

In conclusion, about 82% of CS151 students accomplished the BSCS Outcome c in the Spring 2013. The performance was improved to 97% when they worked as a team.



In Fall 2012, 33.3% of the students did not achieve at least a satisfactory level in Performance Indicator 2 of Outcome C.  Since it was assessed very early of the semester before students fully grasp the concept, the instructor conducted another assessment at the end of semester through the final project. The result was that 6.5% teams were at the beginning level. In Spring 2013, the outcome was assessed through team project again. The result shows that only 3% of teams did not achieve at least a satisfactory level. The recommendation from Fall 2012 analysis was implemented by having students study 2 to 3 examples per pattern in class, and solve about 5 questions regarding patterns. Also, 2 programming assignments and 1 project involving the use of MVC and Strategy patterns were assigned. The recommendation is to continue this practice.