4. Outcome (d) assessment


Outcome (d): An ability to function effectively in a team to accomplish a common goal

Assessment of Outcome (d) was conducted in CS 151 and the results are as follows.

Data Collected 


Conclusive analysis

The outcome was assessed by a team project and a student survey. The survey was done after the project grade was finalized.  89% of students considered their team collaborated well or well with minor breakdown of communication. 75% of students felt the contribution of team members were well balanced or eventually balanced through the project period. The functionality of the team project was assessed through team demo. 88% of teams produced a program that satisfies all or most of the requirements of the project.

In conclusion, about 88% of teams successfully finished their team project through good team work. 75% students claimed that the individual contribution was balanced. Considering that the majority of students did not have prior experience of team projects before taking CS151, it seems unavoidable that the amount of contribution among team members was skewed.