CS Lecturers

Spring 2019

  Name Degree Research/Professional Interests
Photo of Frank Butt, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Frank Butt MSc. Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University GIS, Database Systems, and Operating Systems
Photo of Debra Caires, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Debra Caires MSc. Biology,      San Jose State University Post Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, PTSD, and ESL
Photo of Fabio Di Troia, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Fabio Di Troia BSc. Computer Engineering, Universita Degli Studi del Sannio Malware Detection
Photo of Nadine Ferguson, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Nadine Ferguson BSc. Computer Science, Stanford University Computer Science Education
Photo of Jahan Ghofraniha, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Jahan Ghofraniha Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Universtity of British Columbia Data Science, Advanced Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
Photo of Harmandeep Gill, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Harmandeep Gill MSc. Software Engineering, San Jose State University Computer Networks, and Hierarchical Database Systems
Photo of Debra Hunter, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Debra Hunter M.A. TESOL, San Jose State University Curriculum Development,      Online Course Design, and Collaborative/Active Learning Teaching Practices
Teja Teja Karra MSc. Software Engineering, San Jose State University

Watson Machine Learning for z/OS developer at IBM

Photo of Rula Khayrallah, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Rula Khayrallah MSc. Computer Science, Stanford University Artificial Intelligence and       Computer Science Education
Photo of Kong Li, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Kong Li Ph.D. Computer Science, UCLA Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Distributed systems, Parallel Processing, and Databases
Photo of Ron Mak, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Ron Mak MSc. Computer Science, Stanford University Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Photo of James Morgan, Lecturer in CS, SJSU

James Morgan

MFA, San Jose State University Coded Culture, Self Governance in Gamespaces, and Virtual Resistance  and Performance
Photo of Faramarz Mortezaie, Lecturer in CS, SJSU

Faramarz Mortezaie

Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Irvine Robotics, and Robot Navigation
Photo of Gayathri Namasivayam, Lecturer in CS, SJSU

Gayathri Namasivayam

Ph.D. Computer Science,       University of Kentucky Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and Machine Learning
Photo of Kathleen O'Brien, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Kathleen O'Brien MSc. Education, California State University East Bay Computer Science Education
Photo of Kaushik Patra, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Kaushik Patra MSc. Engineering, San Jose State University VLSI, EDA, Architecture, Programming, AI, and Digital Design
Photo of Kevin Smith, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Kevin Smith MSc. Computer Science, CSU Channel Island 3D Computer Graphics, Animation, Interaction Design, and User Interfaces
Photo of Nooshin Tajik, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Nooshin Tajik Ph.D. Engineering Physics, McMaster University Machine Learning and           Statistical Modeling
Photo of Ahmad Yazdankhah, Lecturer in CS, SJSU Ahmad Yazdankhah MSc. Computer Science, San Jose State University AI and Object-Oriented Paradigms