California Community College BSCS Equivalencies, SJSU

SJSU Cabrillo Canada Chabot CCSF DeAnza Diablo Valley Evergreen Foothill
Math 30 Math 5A Math 251 Math 1 Math 110A Math 1A&1B Math 192 Math 71 Math 1A&1B
Math 31 Math 5B Math 252 Math 2 Math 110B Math 1B&1C Math 193 Math 72 Math 1B&1C
Math 32 Math 5C Math 253 Math 3 Math 110C Math 1C&1D Math 292 Math 73 Math 1C&1D
Math 42 Math/CS 23 Math 268 Math 8 Math 115 Math 22 Math 195 ComSc 72 Math 22 or CS 18
Math 129A* Math 6 Math 270 Math 6 Math 120 or 130 Math 2B Math 194 Math 79 Math 2B
CS 46A**  CS 20J
(CS 19)
 CIS 284
(CIS 250 & 251)
 CSCI 15 or 19A  CS 111B
(CS 110B)
CIS 22B or 36B
(CIS 35A or 15BG or 71B)
 COMSC 255 ComSc 75  CS 1B
(CS 2B or CIS 27B or 15B)
CS 46B**  CS 21   CIS 286
(CIS 252 & 253)
 CSCI 20 CS 111C
(CS 110C)
(CIS 15C or 71C)
COMSC 210 ComSc 76   CS 1C
(CS 2C or CIS 27C or 15C)
CS 47  CS 24  CIS 242
(CIS 290)
 CSCI 21  CS 270 CIS 21JA COMSC 260  -  CS 10
(ENGR 12)
CS 49C**  CS 19  CIS 250  CSCI 15  CIS 110B
(CS 161)
(CIS 15BG or 22B)
COMSC 165  -   CS 2B
(CIS 25A)
CS 72  CIS 90  -  CSCI 42  CS 160A & 160B CIS 18A & 18B
(CIS 82AB, 70)
COMSC 171  CIT 50 (CIS 68C1)
 Chem 1A  Chem 1A Chem 210  Chem 1A  Chem 101A  Chem 1A  Chem 120  Chem 1A  Chem 1A
 Phys 50  Phys 4A Phys 250  Phys 4A  Phyc 4A & 4AL  Phys 4A  Phys 130  Phys 4A  Phys 4A
 Phys 51  Phys 4B Phys 260  Phys 4B   Phyc 4B & 4BL  Phys 4B  Phys 230  Phys 4B  Phys 4B
 Phys 52  Phys 4C Phys 270  Phys 4C   Phyc 4C & 4CL  Phys 4C  Phys 231  Phys 4C  Phys 4C


Please Note:

  • AS-T degree holders in Computer Science automatically satisfy the BSCS requirements for CS 46A, 46B, and 47; MATH 30, 31, and 42; and PHYS 50 and 51.
  • Courses listed in parentheses are also acceptable equivalents for the SJSU course, although they may no longer be offered. A course listed outside of parentheses is recommended over a course listed in parentheses.
  • Equivalencies on this form are guaranteed only for use for the BS in Computer Science (BSCS) at SJSU . They will not necessarily be accepted for other majors, unless they are formally articulated. Articulated courses not listed above will be accepted as equivalencies. Unarticulated courses are sometimes accepted for the BSCS; it's safest to get advance approval from the Computer Science Department. Articulated courses are listed at
  • All courses require a grade of C- or better.
  • Students planning to count any of the community college courses listed here toward the BSCS degree at SJSU should fill out a Course Equivalency Form in their first semester at SJSU. It is not enough just to take these courses without filling out this form.
  • Any of the courses listed under Chem 1A, Phys 50, Phys 51, or Phys 52 may count toward the 5 units of approved science electives for the BSCS at SJSU, if it is not also counted toward General Education. The same is true of a biology course if it is (1) articulated with Biol 30 or 31, or (2) part of a sequence that is articulated with Biol 30-31.
  • DeAnza and Foothill are on the quarter system; the other colleges are on the semester system.
  • * Community college courses in linear algebra do not count toward the upper division unit minimum for the B.S. in Computer Science.
  • ** SJSU uses Java in CS 46A and 46B. A course does not need to use Java to be equivalent to CS 46A or 46B. But note that knowledge of Java equivalent to that of CS 49J is needed to succeed in CS 146 and CS 151 at SJSU. A first course in Java does not normally provide this knowledge.  A single course cannot be used to satisfy both the CS 46A requirement and the CS 49C requirement.









San Mateo

West Valley

Math 30

Math 1A

Mat 3A

Math 3A

Math 20C

Math 101A

Math 71

Math 251

Math 3A

Math 31

Math 1B

Mat 3B

Math 3B

Math 20B

Math 101B

Math 72

Math 252

Math 3B

Math 32

Math 1C

Mat 3C

Math 4A

Math 20C

Math 101C

Math 73

Math 253

Math 4A

Math 42



Math 19

Math 40

Math 163
or CS 113

Math 70

Math 268

Math 19

Math 129A*

Math 2

Mat 4

Math 4C

Math 31

Math 103

Math 79

Math 270

Math 4C


CS 46A**

 CSIS 45
(CSIS 24 or 42)

(CIS 1)

 CIS 43
(Engr 30)


 CS 116
(CS 170)

CIS 84
(CIS 54 or Math 82)

 CIS 255
(CIS 278)

 CIS 4A1
(CIS 4A)

CS 46B**

 CSIS 46

(CIS 2)

 CIS 44


 CS 124

CIS 55
(Math 83)

 CIS 256
(CIS 279)

 CIS 4B1
(CIS 4B)

CS 47

 CSIS 12

 CSS 3

 CIS 39

 CSIS 11

 CS 118


(CIS 292)

 CIS 39

CS 49C**

 CSIS 43
(CSIS 45)


 CIS 37A


 CS 116
(CS 102)

 CIS 54

 CIS 278

 CIS 37

CS 72

 CSIS 48


 CIS 45
(CIS 45B)

 CSIS 80

CS/CNET 146 

 CIS 157

 CIS 121

 (CIS 45A)

 Chem 1A
 Chem 1A  Chm 1A  Chem 1A  Chem 1A Chem 101A  Chem 1A  Chem 210  Chem 1A
 Phys 50
 Phys 4A  Phy 4A  Phys 4A  Phys 3A   Phys 140  Phys 4A Phys 250  Phys 4A
 Phys 51
 Phys 4B  Phy 4B  Phys 4B  Phys 3B  Phys 141  Phys 4B Phys 260  Phys 4B
 Phys 52
 Phys 4C  Phy 4C  Phys 4C  Phys 3C  Phys 142  Phys 4C Phys 270  Phys 4C