Course Prerequisites, SJSU BS in CS

 The chart below is up to date, except for the following courses:

  • 116A:  MATH 32 has been replaced by MATH 31, and CS 146 is now an additional prerequisite.
  • 134: CS 130 has been replaced by 146
  • 149: CS 147 is no longer a prerequisite
  • 175: is a new course with prerequsites CS 047 and knowledge of Java equivalent to that of CS 046A or CS 049J
  • 190: has the same prerequisites as 190I (see below)
  • 190I: (replaces 180I) has prerequisites CS 146, selection by a company, and instructor consent

     Also, some courses have alternate prerequisites, especially if there are CMPE courses similar to the prerequisite courses.

 prerequisite chart for the BS in CS, SJSU