Course Prerequisites, SJSU BS in CS

An MS Word version of the chart below with clickable footnotes and links from course names is available for download.  If you're using the chart below, you can find descriptions and exact prerequisites for a particular CS course from the university catalog.

For either version of the chart,

   some courses have alternate prerequisites for students coming from other majors. 

   heavy solid lines represent deep courses.  One deep course is required for the BSCS.

   dotted lines represent elective courses.

   most courses in regular solid lines are required for the BSCS.

  1.  Math 42 is a Pre/Corequisite for CS 46B.  A grade of C or better is needed in CS 46A to enroll in CS 46B.
  2.  Satisfaction of the ELM requirement is also a prerequisite for both MATH 30 and MATH 30P.
  3.  Selection by a company and instructor consent are also prerequisites for both CS 190I and CS 190.
  4.  CS 49C and 49J require department approval to count as BSCS electives.  Normally both may not be counted as electives.
  5.  CS 180, CS 180H, CS 85, CS 185, CS 96, CS 196 and Math 203 may be used as CS electives.  Advance approval is required.   See the catalog for descriptions of these courses, the CS web site for the petition form for CS 180 and CS 180H, and the BSCS FAQ for approval information about the other courses.
  6.  Science courses are not represented in the chart.  Check the CS web site for the BSCS science requirements.

prerequisite chart, SJSU BS in CS