M.S. Computer Science

Computer Science Graduate Program 

how to apply


How to Apply

We encourage applicants holding a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related discipline to apply to the MSCS program. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Apply online to the university.
  2. Supply transcripts, degree certificates, test scores, and citizenship/visa information, as directed by the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office.
  3. Ask for letters of recommendation to be sent directly to: 
    Graduate Coordinator 
    Department of Computer Science 
    MacQuarrie Hall 208 
    San Jose State University 
    San Jose, CA 95192-0249 

*GRE general test scores are required for applicants whose BS degree is not from the United States. Letters of recommendation are encouraged but not required.

Conditional Admission to the MSCS Program

If you do not fulfill all requirements for admission, and there is sufficient space in the program, we may offer you conditional admission. If you are conditionally admitted, you will be expected to complete course work and/or pass tests, as directed by the graduate coordinator.

There is no special procedure for conditional admission. Simply submit an application.

If You Are Not Admitted

If we cannot offer you full or conditional admission, you may still take courses through the Open University program at San Jose State. Open University is a program which allows students who have not been formally admitted to the University to take regular curriculum classes on a space-available basis.

If You Have More Questions about Admissions

Check out the FAQ (list of frequently asked questions)