Student Success Stories



Khoi Nguyen Are you curious about the public key cryptography that you often see in email messages, protocol transactions, or computing articles? Do you know how easy (or difficult) it is to do a cryptanalytic attack or to crack the security of software? Thanks to Dr. Stamp, these topics no longer seem like black magic to me. Under his guidance, I developed and implemented a practical security protocol for peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. This work involved lots of fancy security topics. I have learned many interesting topics from other professors in the CS department as well, such as Bioinformatics from Dr. Khuri. The MSCS program is not easy and the thesis is challenging, but it is well worth it. It has certainly opened up my mind and broadened my knowledge. I'm currently working for a startup company named Tyzx Inc., specializing in the fascinating new frontier of computer vision.
Khoi Nguyen, SJSU MSCS 2007


Shruthi KrishnanI benefitted enormously from my final project (TCP enhancement for 802.11 networks). The knowledge and experience I gained, especially learning TCP dynamics and working on the Linux kernel were invaluable when I interviewed for my job. Upon graduation, I received 5 offers from networking companies and decided to join Nortel Networks.
Shruthi Krishnan, SJSU MSCS 2006


Maggie NguyenI enjoyed the writing project of my master degree, and I learned about the process of having papers published and presenting them to conferences. (Maggie Nguyen, Layla Pezeshkmehr, and Melody Moh, "Proxy-Assisted Multicasting of Video Streams over Mobile, Wireless Networks," in Proceedings of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) Multimedia Processing and Applications Conference on Multimedia on Mobile Devices, pp. 287-292, San Jose, 16-20 January 2005.)
My advice to other students is to be actively involved in classes as much as possible, and to pay attention on those foundation classes, e.g. operating system, computer architecture, compiler, and networking. These classes really help you a lot in the computer engineering industry.
Maggie Nguyen, SJSU MSCS 2004


Xuquan LinIn my master's project, under Dr. Melody Moh’s guidance, I proposed a new MAC protocol and improved my writing and presentation skills. Results from my work are submitted to two IEEE conferences. Because of my strong background in computer networking, I received two job offers from VMware and Echelon.
Xuquan Lin, SJSU MSCS 2007



Wing Wong What I enjoyed most was working on security-related problems with my advisor, who had worked for the National Security Agency as a cryptologic mathematician for some years before he joined SJSU. My master's project involved using hidden Markov models to characterize and classify metamorphic computer viruses and malware. Our results were published in the Journal in Computer Virology, and we gave talks at DEFCON, the "largest underground hacking event in the world", at Stanford, and at Symantec Research Labs. I now work at Symantec on a project to deliver website reputations and to provide users with a safer online experience. The networking and security knowledge that I gained at SJSU has proven to be essential in my day-to-day work.
Wing Wong, SJSU MSCS 2006


Martina Simova My master's project focused on foiling automated detection of ciphertext. To avoid unwarranted attention of encrypted data, I developed a method of converting ciphertext into data that can pass certain automated tests for English text. I wrote a paper entitled “Stealthy Ciphertext” (with Dr. M. Stamp and Dr. C. Pollett) that I presented at the 2005 International Conference on Internet Computing (ICOMP'05). I am currently employed as a software engineer at IBM.
Martina Simova, SJSU MSCS 2005


Patrick Ng While studying at SJSU for my MSCS degree, I was a full-time software engineer at Cisco Systems. Although it is a challenge to balance both work and studies, it was an enjoyable experience. In order to cope with my busy work schedule, I mostly took evening classes. I did research work with Dr. Tseng on improving user satisfaction and accuracy in RSS information retrieval. Our research was published in the “Information Management & Computer Security” journal.
Patrick Ng, SJSU MSCS 2005


Toan VuMy team project in my Bioinformatics class was a challenging experience with a partner I enjoyed working with. My partner later introduced me to his company and we have been co-workers since. In my master's project (with Dr. Tseng), I used fuzzy logic for more intelligent web searches. I struggled quite a bit and learned to be more determined and patient in the work that I do. The project was published as a chapter in "Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web", Elsevier 2006.
Toan Vu, SJSU MSCS 2005