SJSU Policies: Prerequisites


SJSU Standards: English 1A, English 1B, and a passing score on Writing Skills Test (WST). Those who have tried to take this course without the following prerequisites have faired poorly. Go to SJSU’s website for current prerequisites and their descriptions.

Writing Skills Test (WST): Passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST) is required for enrollment in all Advanced General Education classes, including Writing Workshop (100W) classes. For additional information, visit the Testing website at

  • The WST requirement cannot be waived by instructors.
  • If you have passed English 1A and 1B (or have a certified waiver) and are approaching upper division status, you should take the WST soon.
  • English 1B is a prerequisite for the WST.
  • The WST information bulletin, test dates, passing scores, sample test questions, and registration materials may be obtained from the Information Center in the Student Union or from Testing Office in the Student Services Center.
  • Designated scores may also be used to waive the required Written Communication II course (100W). Some majors do not permit waiver of 100W no matter what score the student receives on the WST. Individual score reports explain each student's status.
  • Students who fail the WST twice must earn a credit grade in either LLD 98 or LLD 99, or an officially articulated equivalent course at a community college or another CSU, before taking the WST a third time. However, students who receive credit in 98/99 will not be permitted to enroll in Advanced GE until they have passed the WST. Students whose essay scores are 5 and below should enroll in LLD 98 and, subsequently in LLD 99. Students with essay scores of 6 or 7 should enroll in LLD 99. Those who fail the WST once may enroll in LLD 98/99 on a space-available basis during Add/Drop.

Transfer & Graduate Students: The College of Science at SJSU has adopted a policy that a grade of C or better is required in all core courses for enrollment in upper-division courses in the computer Science Department. This policy is not meant for either as a punishment or a “weed-out” procedure; we simply have found an almost perfect correlation between performance in the core and upper-division courses. Therefore, a grade of C- or below in a core course is nearly always accompanied by failing grades in the upper division. Our goal is to inform you of your prospects for completing the major early in your academic career and to limit our upper-division courses to those who have a reasonable opportunity for satisfactory progress through them. At the end of this semester, acquire a hard copy of your grade in this course to show instructors of courses that require 100W as a prerequisite in the future. This is especially important for graduate students taking 100W and students wishing to apply for graduate studies.