WASC Essay No. 2 Project Documentation Fall 2012


+ WASC Essay No. 2 compilation of documents and developments to help users as well as future project handlers. This documents would provide insight to manipulate the past revisions of Fall 2012 WASC Essay No.2 Team.  

Credits* All codes of Program Plan Scanner (Alpha) are made by CS 100W students Essay No.2  

JAVA Scanner Application
  - all java program plan scanner documentations and API's

Gannt Chart Fall 2012
  - all the phases and task done by each members of Fall 2012 CS100W WASC Essay No.2 team

Git Hub - Codes used for program plan scanner

Project Phase Documentations
  - project documentations of all phases from 1-5 from Fall 2012 WASC essay No.2 Team 

1a Includes client's proposed and team's initial plan
1b Questionare
WBS Includes proposed breakdown of work and task from Fall 2012 WASC Essay No. 2
2 Includes website final WBS task breakdown
3-5 Includes current finished results and application documentations. It includes proposal and  unimplemented task and applications
Poster WASC Essay No. 2 Poster Presentation



WASC Lit Review Project Documentation Fall 2012


Syllabus PDF Form

-Form to enter CS 100W Instructors' syllabi .

100W Course Listing 

-Contains lists of all 100W courses in Fall 2012.