Projects for WASC

WASC Projects

WASC has two projects namely Essay No.2 and Lit Review. These are a part of a two semester continuous project that is done and would be done by students of CS 100/200w with Professor Debra Caires and their respective clients

Essay No. 2

This project deals with making an application that reads in program planning documents in pdf extensions from each departmental colleges or schools. These program plans would then be graded based on the 5 proficiency of WASC institution. In addition each would later be identified which proficiency they emphasized.  The program plan scanner would be used by Lit Review group as well.

Essay No. 2 client:
Fall 2012 group:
Akshat Kukreti
Charles Long
Chunbo Tan
Edward Ciotic
Ezekiel Calubaquib
Michael Keats
Michael Riha
Tim Stullich
Wanzhen Wu

Lit Review

The WASC Literature Review Project is aimed toward students and educators interested in learning about tools to improve information literacy.  Group members created an editable pdf form to capture information from the syllabi of technical writing instructors at SJSU.  Users can employ the program plan scanner, a data mining tool, to evaluate the frequencies of keywords deemed important to literature review assignments.  Future goals include finding ways to increase the value of instructor-provided student learning objectives and improving the standardization of grading criteria for course assignments.


LitReview Client Fall 2012 Group

Toby Matoush


Han Yin
Han Zhang
Hongyue Song
Megan Chanyontpatanakul
Tasneem Vasi
Yawen Li
Xueqin Yin
Zhong Zhuang
Sunjeevan Mehmi