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The University Program simulation tools, QSim and the Waveform Editor, are bundled with the Quartus II software as of version 11.1. Please visit the Quartus II Simulator page, for more information regarding Qsim and the Waveform Editor.

Altera® University Program provides complete support for introducing students to digital technology. The support includes hardware, software, and teaching materials. Hardware support is in the form of Development and Education boards (DE0, DE1, DE2-115, and DE4), specially designed for use in teaching and research laboratories. Software support consists of the Quartus® II Computer Aided-Design software, Nios II soft processor, and simulation tools. Teaching materials comprise tutorials and ready-to-teach laboratory exercises for use in digital logic and computer organization courses.

The Development and Education boards provide a high-quality, yet low-cost platform. To mitigate the cost of equiping teaching and research laboratories, Altera University Program boards are provided at a price which is at, or below, the manufacturing cost. Altera also offers a hardware donation program for qualified schools. Professors and lecturers can request support under this program through the members section of this University Program website.

Also, Altera sponsors design contests for students around the world. These contests have been highly popular and have resulted in many innovative designs.

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