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We are hiring mobile and web programmers: Full Time, Contractors and Interns.

Android - iPhone Application Developer

We have an immediate opening for an Android or iPhone application developer. You will develop multimedia rich applications and some knowledge of multimedia framework is a plus. A good candidate would have a serious project or some industry experience. MS standing or 1 year minimum experience. or BS with Project or Industry experience. Right candidate will be offered the opportunity to work for the fall and following academic year. Prefer fast learning, self driven individuals who enjoy the work they do.

Web Application Developer

We have an immediate opening for Web application developer. Serious project or some industry experience. MS standing or 1 year minimum experience. Looking to fill this position immediately. A good candidate will have a chance to work for the fall and academic year. Strong skills in JAVA or PHP, web 2.0 technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery). For those in MS standing should have minimum GPA of 3.5

If you would like to work for a start-up company and are an outstanding web/multimedia software technologist, please send your resume to:

About Us

Our mission is to bring a new class of applications and an application delivery platform for multiple devices, operating systems to the four screens.

For OEMs, MSOs, Carriers and Content owners, we build an application delivery platform and multiplatform multi-screen applications. iRevo’s end to end solution supports custom service delivery and management, custom App Development or customized User Interface. By adapting all or part of iRevo offering, customers can save man-years of development cycle for quick time to market.

For End-Users/Consumers, we strive to build Apps that are easy to use on multiple devices in a consistent manner for a superior user experience. Our Apps are designed to bring consumers access and sharing of personal content on devices they use and web as well as popular web content and premium content.

iRevo’s TelePlay is Screen Shifting technology offering functionality similar to Apple’s Airplay, but it supports Android, iOS and Linux and Windows platforms. We are constantly innovating, if you don’t see something here, just drop us a note with your question.