Symposium on Curriculum Development

May 3, 2013: The Symposium on Curriculum Development in Security and Information Assurance (CDSIA) is an annual workshop and capacity building program hosted by San Jose State University. The objectives of CDSIA are to:

Reach out to the many universities of the California State University system and to other universities whose mission is focused on workforce preparation and undergraduate education.

In particular to facilitate the participation of faculty members from HSI, MRI and HBCU institutions.

Share with faculty members of these institutions material and support structures developed by the TRUST partners

Strengthen the TRUST-related community of educators

Facilitate the education of members of underrepresented communities in the domain of secure technologies

The workshop topics include: Security, information assurance and policy in the general education curriculum; Tools support for teaching IA and security curriculum components; Sharing and delivering curricula through the TRUST Academy Online (TAO); What preparation does industry require?; Certification and accreditation - where are we with respect to security?; What role (if any) should the teaching of "malware" play in the curriculum?

The 6th CDSIA drew participants from 41 universities and colleges nationwide.