Faculty and Staff

SJSU Cyber Security & Big Data Clusters

Name Position Department
Michael Parrish Executive Leader   Dean, College of Science (CoS)
Peter F. Young Associate Director Silicon Valley Big Data & Cybersecurity Center (SVBCC)
Faculty Members    
Leslie Jordan Albert Assoc. Professor Management Information Systems (CoB)
Sithu Aung Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Thomas Austin Asst. Professor Computer Science (CoS)
Ashok Banerjee Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Lee Chang Professor Software Engineering (CoE)
Hsuanwei Chen Asst. Professor School of Information (CASA)
Subhankar Dhar Professor Management Information Systems (CoB)
Frances Edwards Professor Mineta Trans. Inst. & Political Science (CoSS)
Magdalini Eirinaki Assoc. Professor Computer Engineering (CoE)
Patricia Franks Assoc. Professor School of Information (CASA)
Jerry Gao Professor Computer Engineering (CoE)
Andrea Gottlieb Asst Professor Mathematics (CoS)
Dan Harkey Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Timothy R. Hill Chair Management Information Systems (CoB)
Sandy Hirsh Director School of Information (CASA)
Scott Jensen Asst. Professor Management Information Systems (CoB)
Rui Liu Asst. Professor Economics (CoSS)
Ronald Mak Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE) & Computer Science (CoS)
Teresa Mercure Admin Support Computer Engineering (CoE)
Abbas Moallem Professor Industrial & Systems Engineering (CoE)
Melody Moh Professor Computer Science (CoS)
Younghee Park Asst. Professor Computer Engineering (CoE)
Jon Pearce Chair Computer Science (CoS)
Keith Perry Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Robi Ranjan Lecturer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Jalel Rejeb Professor Electrical Engineering (CoE)
Aaron Romanowsky Asst. Professor Physics & Astronomy (CoS)
Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca   Asst. Professor School of Information (CASA)
David Schuster Professor Psychology (CoSS)
Simon Shim Professor Computer Engineering (CoE)
Shai Silberman Director Network Services (ITS)
Mark S. Stamp Professor Computer Science (CoS)
Xiao Su Chair Computer Engineering (CoE)
Megan Thiele Asst. Professor Sociology (CoSS)
Ducthanh Tran Asst. Professor Computer Science (CoS)
Chandrasekar Vuppalapati Lectuer Computer Engineering (CoE)
Weider D. Yu Professor Computer Engineering (CoE)