BA Handbook Performance Opportunities/Requirements

BA students will have performing opportunities in the Dance Program. Students may perform as early as the first semester, freshman year, in any of the student concerts. All students in Choreography classes will participate in choreography showings at least two times each semester. At the end of Choreography II, students will perform a solo choreographic study. At the end of Choreography III for those who opt to continue, students will choreograph and perform in the “Student Concert”. In addition, students may perform in the “Images” and “Portfolio” concerts. BA students are required to complete 2 units in performance. Students who are performing will register for DANC 194 for each piece they perform.


No audition is required to perform in student concerts. Casting is determined by the student choreographers. Dancers interested in performing should sign up in the Dancers’ Lounge and include contact information. Students may perform in as many as two pieces. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may petition to perform in a third piece. Criteria for being allowed the extra performance opportunity includes maintaining a 3.0 overall grade point average and successful participation in past performances.

Performance contracts

All student choreographers and performers must sign a performance contract prior to rehearsals beginning. Student choreographers are responsible for their dancers complying with contractual obligations (including attendance of all showings, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances). Failure to meet the contractual obligations may result in begin dropped from the concert.

The Dance Program has two student performing companies; The University Dance Theater and Company One. Each is a two semester commitment and requires audition in the previous spring. These ensembles rehearse 8-10 hours weekly.

University Dance Theatre is the Dance Program’s contemporary dance ensemble performing in the distinctive tradition of the American Modern Dance. It is the training ground for the advanced dance major who desires a career in the professional arena. UDT has had the honor to perform with the Internationally Acclaimed Limon Dance Company and as part of San Jose Dance Theater’s ‘Meritage” program. The ensemble has performed works by Jose Limon and American Modern Dance Pioneers Hanya Holm and Doris Humphrey. It also fosters today’s emerging and developing Bay Area choreographers and members of UDT Company. Recent guests include Scott Wells, ben Levy, Kara Davis and Mike Esperanza. In addition to annual performances at SJSU, the ensemble has toured California and given informal performances and lecture demonstrations on campus and in the community.   UDT participates annually in Dancin’ Downtown- South Bay celebrates national Dance Week and attends the American College Dance Festival/Conference. Auditions are held every spring. For more information, contact the Artistic Director, Professor Gary Masters, 408-924-5042 or online at

Company One is currently in its 22th year under the direction of Professor Janie Scott is a unique musical theater performing ensemble in the Dance Program at SJSU. Dance, music and theater students as well as students from other disciplines come to this company to train to become “triple threats”; to prepare for multi disciplinary performing. Teaching or directing careers. Rehearsals are daily and the students receive units toward their dance major, minor, Musical Theater Minor, or for university electives. Productions are original and highly diverse in their style of dance, vocal and theatrical work. Company One tours throughout the Bay Area during the fall and spring semesters. Additionally, in the fall semester a fully produced one act is presented on campus and in the spring a full two act production is mounted. Over the years many members of Company One have gone on to successfully pursue their professional performing careers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Auditions for Company one are held every April. For further information please contact Professor Janie Scott at 408-925-5043 or online at

sjDANCEco is a professional company in residence at SJSU. As a resident dance company, the members of sjDANCEco serve as mentors, role models and dance instructors to the aspiring dance professional. SJSU dance majors have the rare opportunity to be trained by three of the founding artists of the company; Gary Masters, Maria Basile and Heather Cooper. Students take class alongside company members and are in the midst of creativity on a professional level. With many graduates from the Dance Program in the company, sjDANCEco offers the possibility of employment in a professional company after graduation and is a stepping stone to further professional experience.