BFA Handbook Dance Program Mission

The mission of the Dance Program is to proliferate the art of dance by providing a rigorous course of technical and theoretical study in dance with emphasis in jazz or modern, supported by ballet and choreography within the context of a liberal arts degree and a performance degree. The goals are four fold: first, to offer a dimensional dance education for the students; second, to maintain a multi-faceted relationship among the University’s culturally diverse student population; third, to continue to develop an active relationship with the surrounding community; fourth, to proliferate the art form in the region. As such, the primary objective of the Dance Program is to offer a liberal arts education as well as specialized training in the various aspects of dance. The Program provides the student with a breadth of knowledge in theory, as well as in technique and choreography, and experiences in performance and production of the classical, the contemporary and the experimental. The ultimate goal is the education of a dancer who has a profound respect for the art of dance, a dynamic sense of his or her relationship to the climate of the times, and a deep seated knowledge of the responsibility he or she has assumed in the field of dance, recognizing that the arts reveal the pulse and inner values of a culture.