Bachelor of Fine Arts List of Courses

General Education: 42 Units

Of the 51 units required by the University, 9 may be satisfied by completion of specified preparation and supporting courses for the major. Consult major advisor for details.

Physical Education: (2 Units)

These units are satisfied by Major Requirements

Preparation for the Major (6 Units)

Danc 40B, Modern Dance II or 42B, Jazz Dance II (2 units, not in area of option),

Danc 43, Dance Improvisation (1 unit) and Musc 10A, Music Appreciation (3 units).

Requirements in the Major (66 Units)

Dance Technique, Performance, and Choreography: 48 units total

Sophomores must perform at level III in area of option.

Minimum of one technique class daily required each semester at SJSU. Level I is prerequisite if unable to perform at Level II or higher in Modern, Jazz, Ballet or Tap.

Modern Dance or Jazz Dance Option: 12 units total

Units taken from:

  • Danc 40B, 140A or B, Modern Dance II, III or IV or
  • Danc 42B, 142A or B, Jazz Dance II, III or IV.
  • At least 4 units must be Level IV

Additional Technique: 11 units total

Units taken from:

  • Jazz or Modern (Level II, III or IV): (4 units)
  • *May not be in area of option
  • Danc 4IB, 141A or B, Ballet (Level II, III or IV): (6 units)

At least two units in III or IV

  • Danc 49 or Danc 53 (Tap I, II): (1 unit)
  • Danc 53, Techniques in World Dance (l unit, required twice): (1 units)

Performance Requirements: 9 units total

  • At least 4 units of Danc 112, Rehearsal and Performance (2 units) or
  • Danc 194, Dance Activity Project (1 unit)

Choreography: 9 units total

  • Danc 145A and B, Choreography I, II: (6 units)
  • Danc 145C Choreography III or Danc 186 Choreographing the Musical: (3 units)

Senior Project: (3 units total)

  • Danc 147A, Senior Seminar: (3 units)

Production: 4 units total

  • Danc 51A, Dance Production: (3 units)
  • Danc 5IB, Dance Crew (1/2 unit required twice): (1 unit)

Theory: 14 units total

  • Danc 75, Rhythmic Fundamentals for Dance: (2 units)
  • Danc 144A and B, Dance History and Repertory: (6 units)
  • Danc 150 and B, Dance Kinesiology: (6 units)

Electives by Advisement: 4 units total

Danc 198, Internship in Dance (1, 2 or 3 units); Danc 148, Children's Dance (3 units); Danc 140A or B, Modern Dance III or IV, 141A or B, Ballet III or IV, Danc 142A or B, Jazz III or IV (2 units) or Danc 49A, B or Danc 149C Tap I, II, III or Danc 53 Techniques of World Dance or Danc 145C Choreography III or Danc 186 Choreographing the Musical or other.

Support for the Major: 6 Units Total

  • Danc 102, Dance in World Cultures: (3 units)
  • Musc 100W, Written Communication II: (4 units)

Total Units for the Major: 120 Units