BFA Dance - Student Learning Objectives

A. Technical Mastery

Highest level of technical skill in at least one area of performance.

Achieve highest possible level of conceptual understanding of the medium and its
expressive possibilities.

Technical proficiency standards.

Have a fundamental know ledge of the body and kinesiology

Students must develop basic knowledge and skills in dance pedagogy.

B. The ability to produce work

Students must develop basic knowledge and skills in choreography and have
opportunities to develop their choreographic potential in studies that include traditional
and/or experimental approaches.

Students must demonstrate their competence by developing a body of work for evaluation
in the major area of study.

C. The ability to solve professional problems independently

Be able to place dance in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts.

Develop and understanding of the common elements and vocabulary and the interaction
of these elements and to be able to employ this knowledge in analysis of dance.

D. A coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals which are evident in their work

Student must have the ability to form and defend analyses and critiques of dance and to
communicate dance ideas, concepts, and requirements to professionals and lay persons
related to practice of the major field.

Learn to analyze dance perceptively and to evaluate critically.

Be able to form and defend individual critiques.