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dancerCurrently in its twenty-second year under the direction of Professor Janie Scott, Company One is a unique musical theatre performing ensemble in the dance program at SJSU. Dance, music, and theatre students as well as students from other disciplines come to this company to train as "triple threats": to prepare for multi-disciplinary performing, teaching, or directing careers. Rehearsals are daily, and students receive units toward their dance major, dance minor, musical theatre minor, or for university electives. Productions are original and highly diverse in their style of dance, vocal, and theatrical work. Company One tours throughout the Bay Area during the fall and spring semesters.

Additionally, a fully-produced one-act is presented on campus during the fall semester, and in the spring a full two-act production is mounted. Over the years, many members of Company One have successfully pursued professional performing careers in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Auditions for Company One are held every April. For further information please contact Professor Janie Scott at 408-924-5043 or online at

Audition Information

Auditions for Company One are held every spring semester during the month of April.  For specific audition dates and more information regarding Company One please contact Professor Janie Scott at 408-924-5043 or

I am looking for performers who are passionately interested in Musical Theatre and are not afraid to take risks – students who understand the importance of training as a “triple threat” for today’s professional theatrical world. I am looking for versatile dancers who want to explore their vocal potential, just as I am looking for versatile singers and actors unafraid to explore their dance and movement potential.

      ~ Professor Janie Scott, Artistic Director, Company One