Vidhya Subramanian

Vidhya Subramanian

Phone: (408) 480-9689

After dazzling audiences all over the world with her performances, receiving international acclaim, and having taught dance as well, Vidhya Subramanian continues to bring tremendous energy and dedication as a Bharatanatyam artist. Known for her bold, modern themes and strong choreography, her performances have been an important part of many cross-cultural events in India and other countries. As artistic director of Lasya Dance Company, she has choreographed and directed several full-length, short ensemble, and solo pieces, as well as expanded the outreach of Bharatanatyam through collaborations with artists representing other styles of dance. Several of her disciples have performed their solo debuts. Her artistic talents have extended to acting as well and she has done three stage plays and two short films. She holds an MA in Theatre Arts from San José State University.


  • Nadanamamani – Karthik Fine Arts, Chennai
  • Yuva Kala Bharati – Bharat Kalachar, Chennai
  • Nattiyamamani – Chennai
  • Natya Arasi – Tuticorin
  • Singar Mani – Sur Singar Samsad, Bombay
  • M.G.R. Award for Excellence – Music Academy, Chennai
  • Best Dancer, Indian Fine Arts Society, Chennai
  • Doordarshan, Indian Television – A-grade

“Vidhya Subramanian, an expert in the Bharata Natyam style, has eyes that speak volumes. She mesmerized an audience on Sunday at Santa Clara’s Mayer Theatre with her mutable facial expressions.” – San Jose Mercury News, California

“It seemed as if an Apsara (celestial dancer) had descended from the heavens and brought down with her the magnificence of Bharatanatyam from the gods to the delight of the humans.” – Nation, Nairobi

“Subramanian becomes an image of athletic, energetic and decidedly modern womanhood.” – Rita Feliciano, SFO Bay Guardian

“Evidence of the cumulative resources and commitment to the ideals of high aesthetics,…was aplenty in the beautiful Bharatanatyam recital by Vidhya. Her dance was a powerful and sustained love-pact between the dancer and her material.” – Indian Express


Choreographic Works:

  • OJAS – with that spiritual energy I yearn
  • His Curls – dramatic interpretation of modern fiction
  • Namaavali’ & ‘Sudama – for Natyarangam’s Bharatam Kathai Kathaiyaam festival
  • Navarasa – Her Choice – women from Indian history, myth and fiction in navarasa
  • Kanchi Kshetram - for Natyarangam’s Kshetra Bharatam festival
  • Into the Wind – collaborative contemporary work with Yasmen Mehta
  • Sarang – collaborative work with kathak
  • Sangamam – collaborative work with Kuchipudi and Odissi
  • Rama: Divine and Human – performance
  • Thoodu – performance exploring the messenger
  • Living Sculptures – mutuality between sculpture and Bharatanatyam
  • Bharati in Bharatam – Subramanya Bharatis work through Bharatanatyam
  • Kalinga Nartana Tillana – commissioned for Ethnic Dance Festival
  • Silappadikaram
  • Shakuntalam
  • solo & ensemble pushpanjalis, kavuttuvams, varnams, padams, keerthanams, tillanas