ANI Course Articulation Samples for Prospective Students


Transfer students articulating courses from other colleges must be aware that while transferrable art and animation courses may be administratively equivalent and count towards a degree at SJSU, this does not guarantee that these courses prepare students at the level required for success as an SJSU Animation/Illustration (A/I) major.

Because of the wide variance in college standards, both school to school and year to year, students who plan to pursue an A/I degree at SJSU should view the examples of student work below before choosing to attend another college with the intent of transferring to SJSU to pursue an A/I degree.  Your incoming skill level as a potential transfer student will be expected to be comparable to the samples below in order to pursue a successful A/I degree path. Additionally, transfer students will be required to pass a portfolio review, after their first semester, demonstrating this level of competency to continue on in the A/I program.

When possible, the SJSU A/I faculty recommends that students planning to pursue an SJSU A/I degree attend SJSU directly out of high school for the best possible opportunity for success in the major.

Please note: once a student begins attendance at a community college, they are required to Complete 60 or more transferable semester units or 90 or more quarter units before being allowed to be eligible to transfer to SJSU.

ANI 12: Light & Optics
In-depth study of optical physics as it relates to the visual arts. Linear and atmospheric perspective, rendering, drawing from imagination.

ANI 14:  Color Principles for Screen Arts
Intensive study of color principles as they pertain to the entertainment industry and observational painting.

ANI 24: Illustration Fundamentals
Rigorous drawing fundamentals, both contour and tonal.

ANI 28: Animation Fundamentals
Demanding introduction to 2D animation fundamentals, requiring proficient drawing skills.

ANI 50: Visual Principles
2D design fundamentals, specifically as they pertain to illustrative imagery.

ANI 51A: Introduction to 3D Modeling
3D digital modeling, using Maya.

ANI 55: Beginning Drawing for Animation/Illustration
Fundamentals of constructive, volumetric, figure drawing.