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SJSU Animation Reel 2017


Student Work

Students complete a variety of projects geared towards visual development, character animation, story, and modeling in preparation for opportunities in the screen arts. Samples of student work can be seen above and on various pages throughout the website.

Foundation Course Samples

ANI 12: Light & Optics
In-depth study of optical physics as it relates to the visual arts. Linear and atmospheric perspective, rendering, drawing from imagination.

ANI 14: Color Principles for Screen Arts
Intensive study of color principles as they pertain to the entertainment industry and observational painting.

ANI 24: Illustration Fundamentals
Rigorous drawing fundamentals, both contour and tonal.

ANI 28: Animation Fundamentals
Demanding introduction to 2D animation fundamentals, requiring proficient drawing skills.

ANI 50: Visual Principles
2D design fundamentals, specifically as they pertain to illustrative imagery.

ANI 51A: Introduction to 3D Modeling
3D digital modeling, using Maya.

ANI 55: Beginning Drawing for Animation/Illustration
Fundamentals of constructive, volumetric, figure drawing.