BFA Animation/Illustration Program

ANI Class of 2018Different PaintingsLooking down on clothslines from a buildingMan kneeling


The San José State University Animation/Illustration program is consistently ranked as one of the premier university programs in the nation. Originally conceived to give local students a chance to compete for careers in the screen arts, the program now attracts students nationally and internationally.

The BFA in Animation/Illustration is a highly impacted program, which means we have far more applicants and students than we can accommodate. Students wishing to pursue a major in Animation/Illustration need to apply directly to the Art/BFA Animation/Illustration when applying to SJSU. Discovering Animation & Illustration!

Animation/Illustration Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the principles of color, design, optics, and perspective and the attainment of basic skills in life drawing and the physics of motion.
  • Developing proficiency in life drawing, knowledge of both digital and traditional painting, and intermediate studies in the physics of motion. Familiarity with principles of sequential narrative and the ability to work cooperatively.
  • Create and develop original narrative, sequential projects—short films and tests incorporating visual development, modeling, storyboarding and animation.
  • Apply professional standards and practices including proficiency in visual development, modeling, animation, or storyboarding.
  • Understanding of art, film and animation history, theory, and criticism from a variety of perspectives, including those of art historians, animators and filmmakers.