Graphic Design Program Overview


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The Graphic Design Program admits every student as a BA Design Studies Major. Admission to the BFA Graphic Design program is by portfolio review only—after the completion of DsGD 100, students are eligible to apply for pre-admission to BFA Graphic Design Program.

About SJSU Graphic Design

The San José State University Graphic Design Program is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and draws upon this creative environment for the essence of its pedagogy. The Department of Design works in collaboration with the design and technology industries, as well as professional and service organizations, to connect with broader design communities.

In order to achieve its mission of providing a stimulating environment for education in the professional practice and critical study of design, the Graphic Design Program is engaged in the continual development and refinement of its curricula. These efforts reflect the graphic design faculty’s high standards of professionalism and scholarship, and their efforts to maintain up-to-date technologies and practices for the innovative study of visual communication. Like SJSU Graphic Design on Facebook.