Yuliya Gorlovetsky

Yuliya Gorlovetsky

Lecturer, Graphic Design

BFA Graphic Design

Rhode Island School of Design, RI



Yuliya Gorlovetsky approaches design as a means to create possibility and give people a sense of connection, meaning, and play. Immigrating to the US from the Republic of Georgia after the fall of Communism, she learned at an early age that isolation and misunderstanding arise from miscommunication. Inspired by fiction and folklore, she wanted to be able to create spaces for wonder and understanding, She has found the ability to do this through design. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design, she went on to work at several top agencies and firms in New York City and opened her own studio. Her clients have included The Blackstone Group, GE, PepsiCo, McGraw Hill, Dell, Dignity Health, Tate Modern, Christian LaCroix, the YMCA, and numerous clients in start-ups, fashion, beauty and culture industries. Her interests span across traditional print mediums and digital technologies, with typography as a central focus. She has participated in international workshops including Werkplaats Typografie (Urbino, Italy) and Type@Cooper (New York, NY).