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Rough Cut BFA Graphic Design Senior Show

Rough Cut: BFA Graphic Design 2015 Senior Show

Dec. 7–12 

SJSU Student Union Ballroom, Second Floor 
One Washington Square San José CA 95192 
Open to the public


AIGA SF + City Studio Youth Design Workshop

National exposure on AIGA SF + City Studio Youth Design Workshop led by our faculty member—Julio Martínez with BFA GD teaching assistants—Glenn Cardenas, Jonathan Heath, Lorenz Ortiz, and Rachel Poage.

AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2015 Awards

Our BFA Graphic Design student Preston McPeak is awarded the AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2015 Awards. You can see his work at


DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 3)
9AM–6PM, April 6–9, 2015
Art 214

Design is our passion and our work shows it. Our process is full of blood, sweat, and tears...fueled by the compassion we have for our audience. We work so damn hard because we care. We are ten designers from the San José State University BFA Graphic Design program coming together to show that the final product is only the surface. The process, influenced by each person's personality, is where the heart lies. 


DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 2)
9AM–6PM, April 1–3, 2015
Art 214

dis/ORDER is a compilation of the work of 9 graphic design students which stands as a representation of our thinking, creativity, and struggle. With these works we would like to showcase the two sides of design: structure and creativity. Come see how we bring focus to confusion as we tie creativity and structure together to create what we call dis/ORDER.


REFIND: What Will You Find?

9AM–6PM, March 16–19, 2015
DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 1)
Art 214

REFIND is about exploring the methodology of design and following a cycle of reiteration to advance our understanding. We are ten students from the San Jose State University BFA Graphic Design program who wish to reveal the nuances of the design process and invite public curiosity. Every project we have completed has been a lesson in making mistakes, experimenting,and practicing continuously.

SJSU Design Lecture: Jessica Hische

5–6pm, Tuesday Feb 3, 2015
SJSU Art Building Room 133
Admission is free, space is limited.
For more info about Jessica Hische, visit


Fresh Meat BFA Graphic Design Senior Show

BFA Graphic Design Senior Show
Monday–Friday, Dec. 8–12
Saturday, Dec. 13
Open to the public

Thesis Presentation
Thursday–Friday, Dec. 11–12
Open to the public

Professional Night
Friday, Dec. 12
Invitation only

designweek2014June 19: 7:00–9:00 PM

SF Design Week Silicon Valley Night
Works, 265 S Market St, San José
Open to public, free admission

Seventeen SJSU advanced graphic design students developed 5 dramatic rebrand concepts for public transportation in Silicon Valley. See the design process through to comple and detailed proposals of these renamed and reimagined systems. This exhibition is presented as part of SF Design Week in collaboration with AIGA SF, the professional organization for design.

Design in Transit designers are Kendra Biggs, Brandon Boswell, Jordan Brady, Glenn Cardenas, Hoyin Chan, Kayla Clarot, Maya Ealey, Cindy Fu, Stefanie Galvan, Donghoh Han, Jonathan Heath, Michael Mirchandani, Tommy Pham, Rachel Poage, Kelsey Sutherland, Eloisa Tan, and Marya Yama.

AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2014 Awards

Our BFA Graphic Design student Kristina Le is awarded the AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2014 Awards. You can see her work at


DSGN 197
April 25–May 6

DsGN 197 Senior Show
Art 214

Boris KochanApril 16: 6:00–7:30PM

Design Lecture: Boris Kochan, CEO of Kochan & Partner
Art 133
Open to public, free admission

Design and Identity: The Different Faces of Type
Boris Kochan’s branding agency KOCHAN & PARTNER is engaged in many fields of typography. Amongst others KOCHAN & PARTNER founded the Munich Typoday and exhibits the TDC-Show in their venues annually since 2004. Boris Kochan himself is founder and CEO of the agency, president of the Typographic Society Munich (tgm) and board member of the German Liaison Committee of the TDC.


April 8: 5–6pm

Design Lecture: Ash Huang, designer at Pinterest
Art 133

Ash Huang is a designer at Pinterest, and is formerly of Twitter, Code and Theory, and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design. In this evening’s presentation, Huang will weave a tale of expectations, recession, reading under the covers, and getting roasted by art directors. Come for the stories, she says, and stay for the gifs.

unfoldMarch 10–13

Unfold: The BFA Experience
DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 3)
Art 214

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design program is a challenging yet rewarding experience that not many people are aware of or fully comprehend. This exhibition is meant to help highlight the unfolding of our ups and downs of survival through the semesters of the program. Learn and see how the BFA has helped us progress and grow over time.

Come take a look into how our story is unfolding.

designisMarch 3–6

Design is _________.
Reflections on design from nine BFA Graphic Design students
DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 2)
Art 214

This exhibition seeks to highlight the diversity of SJSU’s BFA Graphic Design program while reflecting on the personal struggles and successes of individual students. The variety of different mediums offers unique perspectives on what design can be, allowing viewers the opportunity to connect with the design process and engage with pieces from new perspectives.

insightFebruary 24–27

Insight: 9 Designers, 9 Processes
DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 1)
Art 214

This exhibition is a chance to look inside the minds of 9 graphic design students at San José State University. Learn how we move through the process of making a design, and the designs evolve even after leaving our control. We all approach the process in a similar way, but it is our personal quirks that allow our creative minds to make it real.

Although the creative process has potential to be a rough one, it is important for people to see what is happening in our minds, because in that moment when you finish something that you love, it becomes magic.

And that's something people can relate to.

bfa show

BFA Graphic Design Class of 2013 Thesis Presentations & Senior Portfolio Show

The event will be showcasing student work from a variety of disciplines, which include user experience, print, motion graphics, typeface, exhibition, and identity design.

Please visit for more info.

AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2013 Awards

Our BFA Graphic Design student Yvonne Ko is awarded the AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2013 Awards. You can see her work at