Industrial Design Program

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Arbor Project

Collaboration with City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, Industrial Design Program and Stoller Studios 2010/11 AY. Prof. Leslie Speer, Prof. John McClusky, Prof. Jim Ammon, and Prof. Misha Young.

Mobile Technology for a Learning Environment

Thuan Tran. Photo Mark Serr.

Inside Out Printer

Warren White. Photo Mark Serr.

Hiking Shoes for Baby Boomers

Cassie Tweed. Photo Mark Serr.

Rice/Veggie Steamer Concept

Esther Chan. Photo Mark Serr.

Concept Sketch

Faris Elmasu

Walking Stick for Baby Boomers

Alex Brown. Photo Mark Serr.

Concept Sketch

Faris Elmasu

Geocaching Heads Up Glasses

Manuel Melo. Photo Mark Serr.

Pet Carrier

Carriane Seger. Foundation Project.

BDI Design Competition sketches

Tim Seward (1st place winner)

Foot Prosthetic Functional Test Prototypes

Tim Seward. Photo Mark Serr

Desk Lamp Reuse/Repurpose Project

Farris Elmasu


Atul Lall

Veggie Steamer concept

Becky Field. Photo Mark Serr.

Solar Powered Street Light and Fan

Hoan Pham

Wood Chair

Carriane Seger. Foundation Project. Photo Mark Serr

Prosthetic Foot Design Sketches

Tim Seward

Therapeutic Wrist Brace CAD

Tim Seward. Therapeutic Wrist Brace CAD (Solidworks)

Therapeutic Wrist Brace Sketches

Tim Seward

About SJSU Industrial Design

The internationally-recognized and award–winning Industrial Design Program at SJSU provides an education infused with the ideas, methods and expertise of the leading–edge design industry in Silicon Valley. Our curriculum is supported by a rigorous university–level general education, and it meets the demands of national and international expectations in the field. The diversity of our students makes us a unique program that represents the future of the field.

The program, established over thirty years ago, is open to all interested students and enrolls a wide variety of entrants, from recent high school graduates to junior college transfer students. The curriculum provides our students with a balance of theory, skill, and practice. Regular Portfolio Reviews guide our students through each stage of their education and ensure that they emerge ready to be leaders in the field.

We have both full–time and part–time faculty, so the program is well structured with continuity of learning from year–to–year, and has injections of specialist, up–to–the minute knowledge. Taking advantage of the program’s University setting, Industrial Design courses often collaborate with SJSU’s Anthropology, Business, and Engineering programs, and with foreign universities. Our students participate in a strong international exchange program with partners in Europe and Central America.

What can students expect?

Our students receive a solid education in visual communication using sketching and digital techniques. They also learn strategic thinking, design history and theory, user–centered design, sustainability, model–making, materials and manufacturing, and innovation in technology. Understanding of professional practice is achieved through a required internship. Upon graduation, students are prepared for a lifetime of practicing design, or continuing their education in a Master’s program.

Over the last three decades SJSU graduates have contributed to the development of the Bay Area as a major international center of Industrial Design, influencing trends and the daily lives of millions. Our graduates work at corporations and consulting firms regionally and nationally, and many have gone on to start successful businesses of their own. A list of alumni would include: Robert Brunner (former Industrial Design Director at Apple, and Co-founder of Ammunition), Gerard Furbershaw (Co-founder of LUNAR), Jim Gentes (Founder of Giro), Gavin Ivester (Former Senior VP & General Manager of International Footwear at Nike, and Chief Creative Officer for Gibson Guitar), Shiz Kobara (Former Manager of Global Industrial Design at Hewlett Packard), Mike Lowe (Design Director at Giro), Joshua Morenstein (Co-founder of Branch Creative and formerly of fuseproject and frog design), Dave Schenone (Innovation Director for Global Footwear, Nike), Kyle Swen (Co-Founder of Astro Studios), Sohrab Vossoughi (Founder of Ziba) and many more.

The program has achieved a strong reputation through national and international design competition awards such as the IDSA IDEA, Red Dot, Braun, BDI, and the International Housewares Competition.

Note: The Industrial Design Program admits every student as a BA Design Studies Major. Admission to the BS Industrial Design is by portfolio review only—after the completion of two to three semesters of coursework at SJSU.