Industrial Design Degrees and Forms

Industrial Design Shoe Project

The Industrial Design program at San José State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. 

Current Forms

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BS - Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

The program, established over thirty years ago, is open to all interested students and enrolls a wide variety of entrants, from recent high school graduates to junior college transfer students. The curriculum provides our students with a balance of theory, skill, and practice. Regular Portfolio Reviews guide our students through each stage of their education and ensure that they emerge ready to be leaders in the field.

We have both full–time and part–time faculty, so the program is well structured with continuity of learning from year–to–year, and has injections of specialist, up–to–the minute knowledge. Taking advantage of the program’s University setting, Industrial Design courses often collaborate with SJSU’s Anthropology, Business, and Engineering programs, and with foreign universities. Our students participate in a strong international exchange program with partners in Europe and Central America.