Industrial Design Internships

All students getting their BSID at SJSU are required to do a minimum of one internship with a company. Internships are a great way for students to get hands-on, real world experience in a professional design environment AND apply what they have learned in the classroom into real life situations. Additionally, what a student learns in the Internship becomes invaluable to them upon their return to their final semesters at SJSU. It is to an Industrial Design students’ advantage to do as many Internships as possible while they are in school. Internships are typically done after the DSID 123A Portfolio course and should be completed before or in progress when enrolled in DSID 125A. Summer is the best time to do internships, but they can also be done during the academic year.

Information for Students:

Internship Instructions for DSGN 127

Approved Internship Sites

Instructions for Finding Internships

Getting a Face-to-Face Meeting or Interview

Internship Information

For Employers Wanting to Offer Internships