For Employers Wanting to Offer Internships

How to become an Approved Internship Site at SJSU

Thank you for your interest in SJSU’s Industrial Design internship program. If you are interested in participating in our program as an approved internship site, or you would like to update the information you currently have listed with us, please contact the Design Department office or send an email to one of the faculty members listed below.

Note: For new sites, please submit samples of your work, provide us with the URL of your website, and describe the duties you wish the interns to perform.

Benefits of the Internship Program

By participating in SJSU’s internship program, you gain from the abilities of a creative,
motivated, and enthusiastic individual without needing to make a long-term commitment. You also have the opportunity to observe the student for potential permanent employment. In turn, your organization provides one of our enrolled students with practical experience in the workplace.

Do I have to pay an Intern?
We strongly encourage employers to offer some compensation to interns to help put their work into a professional context. While compensation is up to the employer, we suggest students be paid $15 to $20 per hour and no less than minimum wage.

Student Requirements:
To participate in the internship program, a student should be of junior or senior standing in the program, having passed DSID 123A. They may work for 5 to 15 hours per week during the semester or full time during the summer to earn the required 2-3 units. In order to satisfy the internship requirements for two units, 96 hours of work must be completed. For three units, 144 hours of work must be completed.

DSGN 127 Internship Registration Form
DSGN 127 Employer Evaluation Form

Contact Us:
Let us answer any questions you have about SJSU’s Industrial Design internship program.

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