Internship Instructions for DSGN 127

Student Requirements:

To participate in the internship program, a student should be of junior or senior standing
in the BSID program, having passed DSID 123A. They may work for 5 to 15 hours per
week during the semester or full time during the summer to earn the required 2-3 units.
In order to satisfy the internship requirements for two units, 96 hours of work must be
completed. For three units, 144 hours of work must be completed. The actual Internship
and enrollment in DsGN 127 must happen simultaneously. DsGN 127 is not offered
during the Winter term.

Students must first get their Internship approved by their assigned Major Advisor. Please
see the list of Internship sites that have a UOA form on file at SJSU. If a student finds an
internship at a site that does not have a UOA form on file, they are responsible for
getting the internship approved by their Major Advisor, getting the UOA form signed by
the site, and submitting the UOA form to the Design Department office. All these things
must be completed before enrolling in the DsGN 127 course. The Design Department
distributes the codes for adding the course.


To register for DsGN 127 students should fill out the DsGN 127 Internship Application
Form and submit it to the Design Department office. The DsGN 127 Evaluation Form is for the employer to complete at the end of your internship.

International Students: 

You must obtain work authorization before beginning any internship or off campus
employment. Please visit the International Education Office to find out about the
requirements and more information.