Alexi Karavokiris

Over a decade into his architectural career, Alexi Karavokiris began instructing at SJSU in the fall of 2017. Revealing a deep passion for design and a gift for strong project leadership, Alexi’s professional mantra “Conceptualize, Innovate, Design, Present and Repeat” is his guiding inspiration. His portfolio demonstrates the strength of his ability to tell a conceptual story – expressing itself through massing, texture, detail, and conceptual relationships. Alexi is a natural creative: innovation and sustainability course through his every concept.

Colleagues and clients (including Apple, Google, and Facebook) appreciate Alexi’s ability to tightly manage his projects. Alexi understands that budgets are finite, design time is precious, and speed to market is critical. His command of technology allows him to turn out design solutions quickly with multiple options and layers of information graphics. Years of refining his process and workflows have made managing complex projects seamless. Close coordination with multiple engineering disciplines has made implementing viable design solutions an integral part of the process.