2015 News Archive

Rough Cut BFA Graphic Design Senior Show

Rough Cut: BFA Graphic Design 2015 Senior Show

Dec. 7–12 

SJSU Student Union Ballroom, Second Floor 
One Washington Square San José CA 95192 
Open to the public 



AIGA SF + City Studio Youth Design Workshop

National exposure on AIGA SF + City Studio Youth Design Workshop led by our faculty member—Julio Martínez with BFA GD teaching assistants—Glenn Cardenas, Jonathan Heath, Lorenz Ortiz, and Rachel Poage.

AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2015 Awards

Our BFA Graphic Design student Preston McPeak is awarded the AIGA Enrichment Scholarship 2015 Awards. You can see his work at www.prestonmcpeak.com.


DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 3)
9AM–6PM, April 6–9, 2015
Art 214

Design is our passion and our work shows it. Our process is full of blood, sweat, and tears...fueled by the compassion we have for our audience. We work so damn hard because we care. We are ten designers from the San José State University BFA Graphic Design program coming together to show that the final product is only the surface. The process, influenced by each person's personality, is where the heart lies. 


DsGD 120 Exhibition Design (part 2)
9AM–6PM, April 1–3, 2015
Art 214

dis/ORDER is a compilation of the work of 9 graphic design students which stands as a representation of our thinking, creativity, and struggle. With these works we would like to showcase the two sides of design: structure and creativity. Come see how we bring focus to confusion as we tie creativity and structure together to create what we call dis/ORDER.