Commission Roster

Member Name Division Term
Co-Chair Andy Feinstein Academic Affairs  
Co-Chair Renee Barnett Terry Student Affairs  
Chair, UCCD Lydia Ortega Academic Affairs Ex-Officio
Chair, Academic Senate or designee Lynda Heiden Academic Affairs Ex-Officio
Faculty - Senate recommended Vacant Academic Affairs 1 year
Faculty Rep Meghna Virick Academic Affairs 2 years
MOSAIC Director
Hyon Chu Yi-Baker Student Affairs Ex-Officio
Staff Veronica Mendoza Hand Student Affairs 2 years
Staff Itza Sanchez
Student Affairs 1 year
Staff - Co-Chair recommended Michael Randle Student Affairs 2 years
President's Chief of Staff Stacy Gleixner Office of the President Ex-Officio
EOP Director Debra Griffith Academic Affairs Ex-Officio
Director, Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Julie Paisant Administration & Finance Ex-Officio
Dean Andrew Hsu Academic Affairs 2 years
Administrator - Co-Chair recommended Vacant Student Affairs 1 year
Manager - Co-Chair recommended Astrid Davis Admin & Finance 2 years
Associated Students Director, Intercultural Affairs Aditya Mairal Student Ex-Officio
Undergraduate Student Aaron Miller Student 1 year
Undergraduate Student Vacant Student 1 year
Graduate Student Mary Okin Student 1 year