Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence is San Jose State University's commitment to create and sustain a context of diversity through which all members thrive, feel valued, and attain personal and professional success. One specific focus here is to utilize diversity as an educational resource and knowledge domain for students and as a central ingredient for their academic success.

African American Student Success Task Force February Report

Recent activities and events produced, sponsored or co-sponsored by the African American Student Success Task Force include:

Barber Shop Diaries, a multimedia production, showcased the life stories of various barbers and beauticians in the San Jose area. Following the documentary, the featured professionals appeared on stage and were honored by the city of San Jose. The well attended event was a labor of love and respect, sponsored by several entities including the College of Applied Science and Arts and the African American and Chicano/Latino task forces.

The Barbershop Talk Series: Fades & Fellowship is a new community building series that is being coordinated. The first meeting went well and was hosted by Barber's Inc. $5 haircuts are a prelude to this community building and dialogue. The meetings will alternate between the Barber's Inc barber shop and the Mosaic Cultural Center.

Angela Davis will be the keynote speaker on April 9th. Fighting for social justice and training will be the focus of the event which will be hosted by the Justice Studies Human Rights program, Mosaic, the College of Applied Science and Arts, and the African American and Chicano/Latino task forces.

A graduate school information workshop, which will be part of an ongoing series through March, is being co-sponsored by the College of Applied Science and Arts Student Success Center and the African American task force success interns.

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Discussion and Audience Q&A with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Are we post-racial, or is racism still a problem?

SJSU hosted a provocative discussion and audience Q&A with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown University professor of sociology.

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