President's Message

San Jose State is an engaged learning community committed to preparing our students with adaptive skills and knowledge for the global 21st century. Our campus’ diversity is a vital asset that enriches our students’ learning experience.

We must move beyond thinking about the compositional diversity of our university community in terms of demographic characteristics only, towards a more coherent, intentional, comprehensive approach that places diversity at the center of our university mission to foster learning.

As president, I am committed to stewarding the university’s embrace of diversity. I am establishing a commission on diversity. The commission’s task will be to help us assess our current status, align, integrate and improve our institutional policies, educational practices and programs to have a more powerful impact on student learning and achievement. The commission’s work will examine university principles of diversity such as Institutional Viability and Vitality, Education and Scholarship, Access and Success and Campus Climate, and Intergroup Relations

I believe that our diversity helps us understand and build our capacity to make a better world. Let’s embark on a shared journey of discovery to improve ourselves so that we can improve the world.

President's signature

Mohammad H. Qayoumi