Registration & Accommodation Request Process

SJSU employees who wish to register with the EARC and request reasonable and appropriate employment accommodations are asked to (1) submit the documentation specified below and (2) meet with an EARC representative following the submittal of the required documentation for review of your accommodation request.

The following checklist is intended as a guide to the EARC registration/request process. If you require assistance with the registration process, please contact the EARC.

For questions on disabled parking, please visit our Disabled Parking page for more information or contact Parking Services directly. 

EARC Prospective Employee Registration Checklist

Step 1: Complete the EARC Intake Form (PDF).

Step 2: Obtain medical/psychological disability verification documentation (i.e., medical documentation verifying that you have a disability as defined under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act, and that you are in need of an accommodation because of your limitations) from your treating physician/professional.

If you do not currently have medical/psychological disability verification documentation, please have your treating physician/professional complete the EARC Verification Form (PDF).

Step 3: Obtain a current position description. (Note: This step is for staff only. EARC works directly with Faculty Affairs regarding this step for faculty.)

Step 4: Submit the EARC Intake and EARC Verification Form's and current position description (if applicable) to the EARC via one of the methods below.

  • Email: To with subject line: "EARC - Confidential" for timely review.

  • Fax: Print "Confidential" on Fax Cover Letter to EARC's fax line (408) 924-4358.

  • Interdepartment Mail: Print "Confidential" to EARC work zip 0168 on Interdepartment envelope.

  • Mail/Hand-Delivery: Please mail or hand-deliver documents to the EARC in a sealed, confidential envelope at the address below. Please be sure to keep copies of all documents submitted.

ATTN: Kathleen Sao
Employment Accommodations Resource Center 
San José State University
Administration Building, Room 114
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0168

Step 5: Please call/email the EARC at 408-924-6003 or after faxing, mailing, or hand-delivering documents to confirm the receipt of documentation listed in step 4 and to schedule an intake appointment with an EARC representative to review your employment accommodation request(s).


Questions regarding the registration/request process?  Please do not hesitate to call us at (408) 924-6003, and an EARC representative will gladly walk you through the process.