Get an Early Start on your SJSU Degree!

The CSU Early Start Program gives students an opportunity to sharpen their mathematics and writing skills in the summer before the start of their freshman year. Early Start mathematics classes also give students an opportunity to complete their mathematics/quantitative reasoning requirement (GE area B4) in the summer before their freshman year.

Course Recommendations

 Enrollment Process

Expectation for Completion


Admitted students are notified in the second week of May if Early Start classes are required or recommended. The following students are categorically exempt from Early Start:

  • Residents of a state other than California
  • International students (F1 and J1 visas only)
  • Athletics Summer Bridge students
  • Students who successfully petition for an exception to the Early Start requirement (see Petition section of this website)

Although students may satisfy the Early Start requirement through any CSU campus, local students are strongly encouraged to attend live Early Start classes at SJSU. 

Important Dates

May 13, 2019: Early Start course registration opens

June 26, 2019: Final day to enroll in Early Start classes at SJSU

July 1, 2019: First day of Early Start classes at SJSU 

Aug 2, 2019: Final day of Early Start classes at SJSU