Promising Practices Course Redesign

This program provides opportunities for campuses to start or continue their own course redesign efforts.  Faculty are provided with professional development and with resources and support to implement promising practices in course redesign locally by successfully: 1)  integrating pedagogy and technology into a course or sequence of courses and 2) evaluating student success with methodology that demonstrates improvement (including, but not limited to measures of the percentage of “repeatable grades” of D, W, F) while maintaining high academic standards.

Academic Year - 2015/2016

Faculty Name Course Name
Manolo Callahan MAS 10B: Mexican Americans and the Development of U.S. History and Government
Richard McNabb        ENGL 1A: Composition I


Academic Year - 2013/2014

Faculty Name Course Name and ePortfolio Link
Cay Horstmann CS 46A: Introduction to Programming
Sean Laraway STAT 95: Elementary Statistics
Susan Snycerski PSYC 1: General Psychology


Additional information about the Promising Practices Course Redesign Program can be found on the program website.