Proven Course Redesign

This program provides CSU faculty with professional development, resources and support to implement “proven” course redesign strategies that successfully integrate pedagogy and technology with demonstrated improvements in student success (e.g. lower percentage of “repeatable grades” of D, W, F) while maintaining high academic standards.



Program Participants
Academic Year Faculty Name Course Name & Details Role
2017/18 Nicole Norton ECON 1B: Principles of Economics: Microeconomics Participanting Faculty
2017/18 Tianqin Shi BUS5-140: Fundamentals of Operations Management Participaning Faculty
2017/18 Mohammed Yahdi Math-71: Calculus for Business and Aviation Participanting Faculty
2016/17 Marilyn Easter BUS 130: Principles of Marketing Adopting Faculty
2016/17 Allison Katsesv HIST 10B: Western Civilization Adopting Faculty
2016/17 Stacey Knapp ENGR 100W: Engineering Reports Adopting Faculty
2016/17 Kathleen O'Brien CS 46A: Introduction to Programming with Java Adopting Faculty
2016/17 Colleen O'Leary-Kelley NURS 24: Adult Care Management I Adopting Faculty
2015/16 Laura Guardino HIST 15A: U.S. Hist/Govt Adopting Faculty
2015/16 Robert Cirivilleri HIST 15A: U.S. Hist/Govt Adopting Faculty
2015/16 Katherine Chilton HIST 15A: U.S. Hist/Govt Adopting Faculty
2013/14 Khosrow Ghadiri EE98: Introduction to Circuit Analysis Lead Faculty


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Additional information about the Proven Course Redesign Program can be found on the program website.