SJSU QM Peer Reviewers

San Jose State Quality Matters Peer Reviewers

The following San Jose State University Faculty Members have successfully completed peer-reviewer training in “Applying the QM Rubric.” This course provides an in-depth experience using the respective instruments and objective-based examples to support reviewing and informing online courses. They have demonstrated skills at using the QM objectives to rate elements of a course and writing helpful recommendations.


 QM Peer Reviews Completed as of September 4, 2017

Last Name

First Name




Backer Patricia San Jose QM 8
Chang Megan San Jose QM 2
Gao Ge San Jose QM 2
Gordon Susan San Jose QM 3
Liu Yingjie San Jose QM -
Mathur Ravisha San Jose QM 6
Weissmann Debbie San Jose QM -