Student Success Research Program

Student Success Research ProgramBuilding upon prior professional development programs, eCampus and The Center for Faculty Development are now offering faculty members the opportunity to conduct research on the implementation of effective practices in their courses. Through this program, faculty members will conduct a research study on the course that has been redesigned and/or incorporates new pedagogies. The program involves: developing a research plan, reviewing literature, collecting and analyzing data, sharing results, meeting with an instructional designer, preparing an article/report, and presenting a poster at the Excellence in Teaching Showcase. 





Course Number

Project Description 

Spring 2018  Alice Butzlaff Nursing NURS 259  The purpose of the research is to evaluate safe prescribing practices of Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students in furnishing over 200 drugs and devices via simulated e-scripts, written prescriptions and verbal orders.  
Spring 2018  Debra Caires Computer Science  ME 180  This research project looks to answer the following two questions: (1)Can we identify student needs and expectations concerning e-learning tools and the learning management system, based on their current utilization of these resources? (2) Can a Learning Management System (LMS) log data be used as a possible measurement of student engagement, and does it complement (mirror) student self-reporting data, or is the log data in opposition. 
Spring 2018  Megan Chang Occupational Therapy OCTH 275  This research project focuses on the question, "What are the effective methods to enhance student reading completion to ensure their success for the introduction to research course?"
Spring 2018  Katherine Chilton History HIST 15A  This project is a student survey designed to measure the effectiveness of changes in the curriculum and teaching methods of History 15A.  
Spring 2018  Tabitha Hart Communication Studies COMM 157SL This project will examine to what degree students in COMM 157SL, a GE Area S course, are meeting the GELOs.  
Spring 2018  Karin Jeffery Kinesiology KIN 69  The purpose of this research to obtain student feedback on my Canvas websites. I hope to determine how user-friendly and intuitive these websites are, and what features might be added to facilitate student success. 
Spring 2018  Debbie Weissmann School of Information INFO 287  This project will explore student perceptions of instructor-behaviors that support their online course retention and success.   
Spring 2018  Abraham Wolcott Chemistry  CHEM 160 This research project focuses on the question, "Does having the physical book increase students' performance in the class?"