eCampus Technology Equipment Program

About the Program

The purpose of this RFP is to encourage faculty from a variety of disciplines and at varying technological competencies to redevelop their courses that will integrate technology equipment in a meaningful way into the course activities. The proposed equipment must be implemented during the Spring 2018 semester. Faculty participants will receive the equipment to be used in their course(s). Faculty participant training will take place during the late fall, winter, and spring. There will be both on-campus and online meetings. 

Download and view a complete description of the RFP for the eCampus 2017/18 Technology Equipment Program.


Learn about the 2016/17 program participants and funded projects.

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Application Process

To apply for participation in the program, complete the online application form. The application form requires attaching your course syllabus, signed Dean, Chair, and College IT Consultant/Network Analyst signature form, and budget template. A pdf version of the application form is linked below, but the official application must be submitted online using the Submit Form button linked below. Email submissions will not be accepted. 

Department Chair, Dean, and College IT Consultant/Network Analyst Signature Form

Budget Template

Pdf Version Application Form - This pdf document is for your reference only. The application is Qualtrics based and is accessed by clicking on the Submit Form button below:


Submit Button


Program Timeline

Online Proposal Submission Due

October 22, 2017

Decision on Proposal and Notification

October 27, 2017

Start of the Program

November 3, 2017

Completion of the Program

June 8, 2018