Professional Development Opportunities

Attend the 2018 ATXpo IdeaLab at the University of San Francisco

The ATXpo is a one-day, Monday, October 8th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., collaborative event that brings together faculty, instructors, students, and staff from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University and Saint Mary's College of California to share, discuss, and promote effective practices for teaching and learning with technology. Visit the ATXpo Webpage for additional information and to register.

Professional Development Tracks

eCampus offers a wide variety of workshops each semester to help you develop your full potential and grow in your teaching practice. We’ve organized these options thematically into six color coded tracks to help you prioritize what you might want to focus on. 

Faculty Exploration of Virtual and Augmented Reality

This program involves eCampus working with faculty members to incorporate virtual reality/augmented reality into the curriculum. The program aligns course outcomes with AR/VR possibilities to provide students with an immersive learning experience. Alongside the faculty member, eCampus will explore applications relevant to the content area; assist with lesson design, development, and implementation; provide instructional design guidance; coordinate training and demonstrations; locate relevant research; and provide class session/implementation support. Participants are eligible to receive $250 in professional development funds. Contact eCampus to learn more.

Course Mode Redesign Program

This program supports faculty as they transition from offering a course in-person (course mode P) to offering a course in a designated hybrid or fully online mode. This is a semester-long program, where you will receive instructional design/pedagogical guidance throughout the entire course design process, hands-on technical training for the variety of tools available, and research-based best practices training from Quality Matters. Eligible participants must have confirmation from their department regarding the new mode. Participants are eligible to receive $500 in professional development funds. Contact eCampus to learn more.

Quality Matters Course Certification Program

If you are teaching an online or hybrid course and completed the Quality Matters Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Training, you may be interested in having your course certificated. This program offers faculty members a $500 stipend to revise their course to adhere to the Quality Matters Rubric. Then, the course will get submitted for Course Certification where it will undergo a rigorous review by a Quality Matters Team based upon the criteria noted in the Quality Matters Rubric. Learn more about the Course Certification Process. If interested in having your course certified, please contact Jennifer Redd.  

Quality Assurance Training

Registration is open for Quality Assurance trainings (QOLT and QM). These include many online, asynchronous courses. Through these trainings, you will learn how to apply the CSU Quality Online Learning & Teaching Instrument Sections and/or Quality Matters Rubric Standards to an online/hybrid course, how to apply the concept of alignment to various course components, and how to provide helpful recommendations to the instructor. Certificates will be available upon completion of the course.

All courses require payment of a $25 registration fee at time of registration. This is to pay for the extensive materials made available, as well as to offset the facilitation costs, and lunch provided at face-to-face sessions.

If you are interested in registering for the training, please fill out the Quality Assurance Training - Registration Form.


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