The Experiential Track


Ever wanted to try something out before implementing it with your students in your real class? Then the experiential track is for you! These workshops are hands-on with participants enrolled in a demo course as a student. We consider the pedagogy of various Canvas teaching strategies and can see the teacher’s perspective visible on the overhead, but participants explore how the tools work from the perspective of a student on their own devices. Bring your questions!


  1. Hands-On Exploration Lab: Playing with Collaborative Learning Tools
  2. Hands-On Exploration Lab: The “Write” Way
  3. Hands-On Exploration Lab: Compare & Contrast Two Canvas Courses
  4. Hands-On Exploration Lab: No Cheating and No Plagiarism!
  5. Hands-On Exploration Lab: Automated Support with Criterion and Excelsior OWL
  6. *Hands-On Exploration Lab: Camtasia, Finish it!
  7. Exploring Immersive Technologies: Virtual and Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning


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