Arc Video LogoArc is a more video‑centric, interactive way to approach e-learning. Where video‑as‑a‑learning‑tool has typically been one‑way and passive, Arc makes learning an active, collaborative, impactful two-way street. 


The Timeline

Phase 1 Analyze, Aug 2018 - April 2019, Reviewed software options, tested software features, and completed Arc Train the Trainer workshop. Phase 2 Design, May 2019. Launch ARC and provide training and resources. Discuss design potential using the tool. Phase 3  Development, Summer 2019, Instructors develop instructional materials that connect with Arc. Phase 4  Implementation, Fall 2019, Begin instruction of courses using Arc. Phase 5  Evaluation, December 2019, Gather survey feedback from instructors and students that used Arc.


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